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We have a highly successful Etsy store with 9,000 sales and a 5 out of 5 Star Rating ... click HERE to check them out. Since we don't have to pay a commission to Etsy, most items we sell here are at a reduced price from those in our Etsy shop.  To sell at that lower rate we have checkout disabled and will invoice you through PayPal.  Please reference the item you want and include your PayPal email so we may bill you.  Be assured that PayPal is one of the safest ways to pay online.  PayPal guarantees that if you do not receive your package you will be reimbursed by us.  Proof of delivery will rely on the tracking information.  Once shipped we will email you the tracking number.

Our passion is to artfully create Orgone Devices to interact with Life Force Energy in powerful and spiritual ways. We have chosen to live in a pure and clean environment  far away from the "Concrete Jungles" :)  We strongly feel that the effectiveness of Orgonite is in part a product of the environment it was created in and the love of the creation process :) We are fortunate to live in a forest far enough away from the negative energies that come with cities, large populations and traffic noises. Here, the only sounds are the numerous birds, flowing river water and the breeze through the trees. We create with joy and positive intent and instill that in what we create. Something that is very important to the process as these generators are very sensitive to the environment they're made in.  If made with peace, love and joy … they will be loving, peaceful, joyous and responsive to your intent. We are just getting started with this new website and plan to add a blog with a focus on articles relating to energy healing. We will also be looking at frequently asked questions we get through our Etsy store and writing articles aimed at clearing some confusion and the many misconceptions regarding Orgonite® and stone properties. Our Orgonite® devices are approved by Karl Hans Welz, Orgonite® Co-inventor with Wilhelm Reich and Orgonite® trademark owner.

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another."

- Albert Einstein


Marlene and Lea

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