Throughout the years we've been asked many questions and it's interesting that the more popular questions aren't questioning the methods in which OPEGs are made or why we have certain ingredients we always use.  Most questions come from people who have purchased from us and are excited that they are feeling the positive energy and want now to know how best to use their new "tool".  I can certainly relate to that as I remember how blown away I was when I first realized that it really worked.

I'm going to address questions based on what we get asked the most and some that should be but aren't.  There are many places on the internet that address the questions of what Orgone is and what it does and I do talk about a bit on our home page.  Google research can be helpful ... but be careful ... because as much good information there is on the internet, there is an equal amount of mis-information and even some dis-information.  I promise only to give you the information that I know to be correct from 10 years both studying and creating OPEGs to be the best that they can possibly be and nothing less.  Lea and I both have such a strong passion for this amazing energy purifier and we want you to have the best that it can be.


Let's start with the most asked question we get ...


  • How Do I Cleanse/Clear My Orgone Device?

There's much debate on this subject among OPEG creators where some believe that they should be put under running water about once a month.  While I'm not agreeing this is necessary with the pieces we make, I will say that putting them out on rainy day for a while will give them a dose of those wonderful negative ions (yes … they're positively good).  I know that even when I'm feeling balanced, I still feel an added exhilaration from getting drenched in a rain storm or standing next to a waterfall.

Without going into a long and lengthy explanation, I'll keep it short by saying that what's inside that OPEG can make the difference as to whether it will self clear or not.  A basic TowerBuster intended to stay outside wouldn't need any stones in it other than a crystal, the sun and rain will keep it clear. But for our homes and personal protection pieces we want them to be self clearing and self charging, so we add certain crystals (such as Selenite) known to keep them clean and clear.  
Did you know that you can use your OPEG to clear your crystals by setting it next to them?  

Some creators advise setting their OPEGs out in the sun once and a while to clear … for ours that's not necessary and really not so good on your precious treasure … prolonged exposure to the UV rays of the sun could eventually discolor the resin.  I wouldn't subject my body to a long soaking in the sun so I certainly wouldn't do it to my OPEGs :)

  • Can I Wear My OPEG Pendant In The Shower?

Yes ... they love water.

  • What Is The Difference Between Orgonite® and an OPEG?

Orgonite®, Orgone Generator®, Orgone Positive Energy Generator, OPEG?  All the same.  OPEG is the name I gave it and some others have started to also use the term.  A little history.  Lea and I started selling our Orgonite® on Etsy in 2011, at that time there were just a few selling Orgonite®.  About a year later we received a “cease and desist” letter from an attorney representing Karl Welz stating that his client was the copyright holder of the terms “Orgonite®” and "Orgone Generator", we were in violation and our Etsy store would be shut down.  We removed the word from all of our listings and replaced them with OPEG (Orgone Positive Energy Generator).  By Dec. of 2016 the word Orgonite® was again well used and Karl Welz once again started having Etsy shut down the shops using the word.  We obtained a license from him (for a monthly fee) to use the word ... so for now we still do but eventually we would like to just say OPEG.

  •  How Big Of An OPEG Do I Need For My Home?

 Generally speaking ... Our larger pocket size pieces and small pyramids are good for smaller size rooms ... like a bedroom, den or bathroom.   our bigger pyramids and domes are good for between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet.  BUT ... this is not an exact science and there are a lot of differences between spaces that need clearing.  For example ... if you live in an apartment you are subjected to your wifi router and your neighbors wifi router, along with all the other electronics and wires running through the walls.  For that you may need several small pieces throughout your apartment or a couple of large pieces.  If you have a rustic cabin in the woods of Maine with just electricity for lights then one small pyramid would be all you need.  The other variable is the amount of people going through your space ... some people carry a lot of negative energy with them, you would need to account for that in your number or size of OPEGs.  If you have a wall on your house that has a "smart meter" attached to it then you need a dedicated medium size dome on the interior of that wall and another centralized in your home.  Most likely the amount of OPEGs you have will be more dictated by your attraction to them ... we have many customers who have purchased more than what they need for their home but they enjoy them for their beauty and various energies that come from different stones. It's also always nice to have one near by that you can pick up and hold while reading, listening to music, meditating or while focusing your positive intentions.  They really go far beyond just transmuting negative energy.

  • I've Seen OPEGs With Symbolic Medallions In Them Instead Of Copper Granules and Metal Powder ... Can You Make Those?

 No ... well ... we can but we won't.  For the highest functionality an OPEG needs between 40% and 50% fine metal particles.  Coins and Medallions alone do not work, a sprinkling of 24k gold flakes floating in the resin does not work.  The metals we use are  Copper Granules, Black Iron Oxide, Copper Powder, Silver Powder, Gold Powder, Brass Powder, Bronze Powder, Silver Leaf, Gold Leaf and Finely chopped Aluminum.  The metals must be small ... think of the metals like an air filter that you use in your home.

  • Is Aluminum Safe To Use In An OPEG

Very safe and very efficient when used in a powder or finely chipped form.  I wouldn't want to cook on an aluminum pan or eat with aluminum utensils but in and OPEG it's a very good thing to use.  Generally we prefer Copper in our pieces but will use Aluminum chips from time to time.  Also our Silver Powder contains some Aluminum Powder.


This page will update frequently .....


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